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Breakdowns and lost production are expensive, especially in the offshore industry where the failure of a single component can mean loss of vital services; therefore the recent failure of fresh water production on an offshore installation was critical due to the loss of production and possible need for evacuation of the rig. The problem was traced to the failure of the reverse osmosis plant high pressure pump which was a traditional triplex piston pump, the necessary spare parts were not available and due to the age of the pump it was becoming increasing unreliable and expensive to maintain.

An initial appraisal revealed that the cost of refurbishing the existing pump was an expensive and lengthy exercise, typically 12-16 weeks. The option to fit a new Danfoss APP pump was then investigated and it was found that the pump complete with, motor, drive coupling and accessories could be delivered in a much shorter time frame and could also offer cost savings on the initial purchase.

Technically the Danfoss pump has many advantages over the triplex pumps, such as a small footprint (it is smaller than the motor), fewer moving parts for improved reliability and reduced service costs, high overall efficiency, a service interval of 8000 hours between major inspections. The pump is a multi piston unit which results in low pressure pulsations and so does not require pulsation dampeners, it is also lubricated by the fluid being pumped and does not require oil changes at regular intervals.

The initial evaluation was submitted to the client in a technical report which the client was able to review and to place orders against. Danfoss were able to manufacture and test the pump on an accelerated production schedule and the client took delivery of the new pump within 3 weeks.