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The next generation Dow FilmTec LC-4040 membranes deliver best in class performance for a wide range of applications.


lc hr-4040LC HR-4040

With an industry leading rejection rate of 99.7% this element provides more than 40% reduction in salt passage and 20% increase in flow rate over the existing BW30-4040 High rejection element. It is ideally suited to high quality/volume applications.



lc-4040LC LE-4040

High quality water at low pressure operations makes this element ideal for low energy applications, with a rejection rate of 99.2% it provides a 25% improvement in flow and more than 27% reduction in salt passage over the existing LE-4040 and LP-4040 elements.




     Higher Rejection Membrane Sheet    

Higher Flow Membrane Sheet

Increased Active Area


Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced Capital Costs

     Reduced Maintenance Costs    


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