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genesys-subcatsAfter the success of Genesol 703 powdered alkaline cleaner which is extremely effective against foulants which are difficult to remove such as clay and biofilm, Genesys International have recently announced the introduction of two new cleaning chemicals, Genesol 701 and Genesol 704.

Genesol 701 and 704 use the same cleaning mechanism as Genesol 703 whereby the layers of foulants on the membrane surface are disrupted by osmosis and the high ionic strength of the chemical.

The concept of disruption has been further developed by formulating cleaning chemicals with components which promote the formation of micro-bubbles. The combination of osmosis and micro-bubbles at the membrane surface enables the layers of foulants to be loosened, which ensures the cleaning chemical is more effective in breaking down and removing these foulants.

Genesol 701 has been developed specifically to clean cellulose acetate membranes. It is an acidic powder cleaner with high ionic strength. The effervescent ingredient has proven to be very effective at removing clay and colloidal deposits as well as iron and mineral scales.

Genesol 704 is an alkaline cleaner with micro bubbles and cleaning agents for particularly stubborn deposits.