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Membranes for Cruise Liners

Desal Supplies were recently awarded the contract for supply of membranes and high pressure APP pumps for installation on-board two new cruise liners. The first of the liners which is currently under construction is due to enter service in late 2014 with the second approximately 6 months later.

The custom built Reverse Osmosis plants have been designed with the capability of producing upto 800m³/day of fresh water from seawater, utilising two pass RO technology. This ensures high specification RO permeate can be more economically produced.

The combination of high efficiency Danfoss APP pumps coupled to an isobaric energy recovery system and the selection of low energy Dow FilmTec iLEC membranes (interlocking end caps) allows the plant to operate at much lower pressures, resulting in significant energy savings.

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Effluent Recycling Using FilmTec XFRLE Membranes

Environmental regulations and commercial benefits are driving renewed interest in the novel application of membranes in the reclamation and re-use of water.

Once such application involves the treatment of effluent from an industrial site involved in the reclamation and recycling of lead. The water based effluent not only has high levels of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, but due to by-products from the process it also has high chloride and sulphate levels which must be reduced.

Recently introduced environmental restrictions on the quantity of raw water that the site can abstract and the company's expansion plans mean that the site must consider the options to treat and recycle the effluent.

A six month pilot study involving a series of trials with different pre-treatment options, membrane types and cleaning regimes was conducted, this data was then used to configure a low fouling design using the Dow FilmTec XFRLE membrane which is designed for effluent applications.

The benefits of the Dow Filmtec XFRLE-400/34i element embodies Dow's latest innovations in treatment of challenging waters with high biological and organic fouling tendencies such as municipal or industrial wastewater or challenging surface water.

  • Proven fouling resistance chemistry of the Dow FilmTec BW30XFR-400/34i operating at over 30% lower pressure than conventional membranes.
  • Large 34-mil spacer optimised for pressure drop minimisation reducing the impact of fouling and enhancing the cleaning efficiency.
  • Wide chemical tolerance allowing effective and efficient cleaning of biofilms, organic compounds and scale at cleaning pH from 1 to 13.
  • High rejection of special solutes such as Nitrate, Ammonium or Silica.
  • High integrity achieved with proprietary iLEC technology (interlocking end caps), minimising the risk of O ring leaks that can contribute to poor quality water.

The final process design comprises two treatment streams each producing 30,000 litres per hour of permeate water, and will allow the site to comply with the discharge limits for heavy metals and produce a final treated water which is low in chlorides and sulphates so it can be returned to the process line for re-use.

  • The overall impact on the site is significant
  • The final process will reduce raw water consumption by 50%.
  • Compliance with the water abstraction limits.
  • The final effluent will meet the consent limits for heavy metals.
  • The planned production expansion of the site can proceed without risk.

Please click here for the XFRLE-400/34i FilmTec RO Membrane Element Data Sheet

New 8" Membrane Stock Range
Desal Supplies have recently increased our stock range of FilmTec 8" membranes, to complement our existing scope of commercial and domestic membranes for use in reverse osmosis plants.
Having membranes available for immediate despatch enables us to provide much faster deliveries to our customers, which is essential in the case of plant breakdowns where replacement membranes are required on a fast turn round time.
Our 8" FilmTec membrane stock range now includes:
BW30-400 FilmTec RO Membrane Elements
LE440i FilmTec RO Membrane Elements
SW30HR-380 FilmTec RO Membrane Elements
SW30HRLE-400 FilmTec RO Membrane Elements
SW30XHR-400i FilmTec RO Membrane Elements
XLE-440 FilmTec RO Membrane Elements
If you require prices and/or availability of any FilmTec membranes including but not limited to the above, please contact .

New Desal Supplies Logo

After almost 20 years of business (it’s our birthday in April 2013) and much deliberation, Desal Supplies decided that it was time to update our corporate image with the introduction of a new company logo which can be seen above. We hope you like it and will become familiar with it in the not too distant future as this will now head all of our documents.

Donations to Charity

With Christmas fast approaching Desal Supplies have decided this year not to distribute 2013 calendars or Christmas cards, instead we think it is appropriate to donate to charity and so after some discussion with members of staff we have elected to donate to:

  • Water Aid is an international non governmental organisation who's mission is to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation and by using practical solutions to educate the worlds poorest communities.


  • Cancer Research UK is the worlds leading independent charity dedicated to cancer research. They carry out scientific research to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. More than 1 in 3 of us will get cancer at some point in our lives, the groundbreaking work fof Cancer Research UK funded almost entirely by the public will ensure that millions more people survive.


  • Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer by providing support and helping with all the things people affected by cancer want and need. They guide people through the system, supporting them every step of the way by funding nurses and other specialist healthcare professionals and by building cancer care centres.

New APP11 to 13 Range of Pumps

Danfoss has completed its range of high-pressure pumps for small and medium-sized reverse osmosis (RO) plants with the introduction of the APP11-13. With its capacity of 11 to 13 m³/h, the new APP 11-13 range is ideal for RO systems that produce 100 to 125 m³/d. If the APP 11‑13 is coupled to the iSave, Danfoss' integrated isobaric energy-recovery device, it can even handle up to 250 to 300 m³/d.

"A lot of customers have been waiting for us to complete development on these pumps, "says Jesper Bentzen, sales director for the Danfoss RO Division. "Worldwide, we expect strong growth in the market for small and medium-sized RO plants and our latest pump - with a capacity that is ideal for many smaller commercial applications - is going to be right at the sweet spot for many projects”.

Like the rest of the APP pump portfolio, the new APP 11‑13 range packs a lot of power into a small and efficient package. No other high-pressure pump on the market is smaller or lighter, and with volumetric efficiencies of upto 97%, very few can claim to be as efficient with electricity.

The axial piston design results in constant flow regardless of pressure variations, and utilises fewer moving parts for improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Belt drives and pulsation dampers are both things of the past with the APP series; also no oil lubrication is required as the pumped medium itself lubricates moving parts.

"For most of our customers these days, simple maintenance and reliability are increasingly important", says Bentzen. "And with energy prices climbing everywhere, energy efficiency is a must. The APP 11‑13 range delivers on all of these criteria but its compact design also allows engineers to configure it into many tight spaces - either horizontally or vertically - thereby providing a lot of design flexibility both on and offshore".

The Danfoss range of APP pumps now extends from 0.6 m³/h upto 38 m³/h. Many APP pump sizes are fully compatible with the Danfoss iSave, which further increases energy savings by up to 60% and eliminates the need for separate high-pressure flow meters, exchangers and booster pumps.

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