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FILMTECTM Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration Membrane Elements

Dow Water and Process Solutions are a world leader in RO technology. Desal are able to offer their FILMTECTM range of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane elements for use in a wide variety of applications and processes.

DOWEXTM and ROHM & HAASTM Ion Exchange Resins

The most versatile range of ion exchange resins for use in simple to complex applications, DOWEXTM and ROHM & HAASTM resins are available in various compositions, polymeric structures and particle size to meet industry requirements.

DOWTM Ultrafiltration (UF) Modules

DOW™ Ultrafiltration modules are an ideal choice for system capacities of 50 m3/hr (220 gpm) or less. The larger, 8 inch diameter module offers the highest effective membrane area, which contributes to a more economical membrane system design. The shorter, 60 inch length module offers higher efficiencies over a wider range of feed water conditions.


Danfoss APP High Pressure Pumps

Danfoss Axial Piston Pumps are available offering high pressure pumps ranging from 0.15 to 44.6 m3/h (0.7 to 196.4 gpm). The pumps are used in RO systems.


Danfoss iSave Energy Recovery Devices

Desal Supplies are able to offer Danfoss iSave energy recovery devices.
The iSave operates at flow rates from 7-70m3/h.

Genesys Antiscalants, Membrane Cleaning Chemicals, Biocides & Flocculants

A range of speciality RO and NF Membrane Cleaners, Antiscalants, flocculants and  biocides that allow RO plants to operate efficiently in areas where feed waters are challenging, this might include high levels of silica, phosphate or sulphate . 

Hangzhou Pass Grooved Couplings

Low, Medium and High Pressure Grooved Couplings suitable for use in RO systems ranging in pressure from tap water upto seawater.  The  quality  c-shaped, pressure responsive seals and flat mouth type design ensure reliability of these products.

Georg Fischer Signet Measurement & Instrumentation

Trusted worldwide for its fluid measurement instruments and sensors, George Fischer Signet is a leader in flow sensor insertion technology. We deliver advanced flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, pressure, temperature and level measurement technologies which offer accuracy, dependability, ease-of-use and minimal maintenance.

Myron L Company Handheld Ultrameters

Myron L Company has over a number of years established itself as a leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate conductivity and pH instrumentation for use within the water and process industries.