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Georg Fischer Signet also offers a comprehensive portfolio of fittings designed specifically for use with various insertion sensors, thus making installation quick, easy and effective. The fittings are available in a number of materials to ensure that we are able to offer a solution to meet all requirements.  Various miscellaneous configuration tools are also available.

Product Category Product Type Product Name Description
Miscellaneous Fittings Installation Fittings Various fittings
Miscellaneous Other 3-0250 USB to Digital S3L Configuration/Diagnostic Tool interfaces with Signet’s various digital sensors to allow users to select all parameters available for modification, monitor the sensor’s data on a PC/Laptop, or log the sensor’s data to a file
Miscellaneous Other 3-0251 PC COMM Configuration Tool Configuration Tool interfaces with the Signet 9900 Transmitter allowing users to set, review, save and load all modifiable parameters
Miscellaneous Other 7310 Switching Power Supplies provide regulated output voltage in compact and lightweight plastic housings for DIN Rail mounting
Miscellaneous Other 8059 External Relay Modules External Relay Modules supplement the output capabilities of certain host instruments such as the Signet Multi-Parameter Controllers
Miscellaneous Other i-Go 8058 Signal Converter Signal Converter accepts any 4 to 20 mA signal and converts it into the Signet digital (S3L) format, the serial data format used by the Signet 8250, 8350, 8450, 8900 and 9900 instruments