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The CADIX (Computer Aided Design for Ion Exchange) is a comprehensive ion exchange engineering tool for designing new water treatment systems and evaluating an existing plant performance with DOWEXTM ion exchange resins.  


Cadix allows design of both co-flow and counter-flow regenerated systems for a range of applications.  It is designed for windows and is an easy program to use, but it does assume that the user has some knowledge of an ion exchange resin technology and terminology.


The CADIX design program allows users the flexibility to design the whole ion exchange process and it offers 3 core sections:


  • New Plant Design - If you are projecting a new ion exchange water treatment plant the option allows a flexible interactive design program.
  • Existing Plant Evaluation - If you are already operating an IX water treatment plant and want to evaluate its potential performanceusing actual operating data.
  • Retrofit - Compares the economics and savings from any currently installed systems


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